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Brett Woods’ Buffalo Apparel | Thousand Oaks, CA

         Brett Woods is the creator of buffalo apparel in Thousand Oaks, CA; his artistic vision is a fusion of surrealist & modern Art tendencies. His body of work in various medium, is underscored by a stream-of-consciousness method, and is highlighted by a passion for paint. He takes full advantage of the fluidity and playfulness of this medium to create evocative dreamscapes that celebrate rhythm, cyclical time & surreal texture of his own astral travel experiences. His most recent works on canvas unite scientific and sociologically based concepts of sound, with impressions of musical reverberation, and visual tonality in a series of intriguing landscapes.

     Brett sold his first painting when he was thirteen years old and has been developing his own techniques ever since. His creative repertoire has been artistically influenced by a love for music, cinema, journeys to exotic landscapes across the planet, nature, physics and the psychedelic arts. Born in Hillsborough, Oregon on April, 20th 1969 and raised in the San Jose, California, Brett later moved  to Venice, Ca where he has exhibited his work in over 100 plus art shows over the past 25 years.

     Brett has been an Art teacher for various Art foundationʼs plus tutoring Adults.  Brett likes to direct, produce, write, shoot, and act in film projects and enjoyʼs photography as well.

He has also created his own signature Buffalo design for fashion selling well over a 1,000 shirts and hoodies to date. His shirts have been used on television showʼs such as “Itʼs Alwayʼs Sunny in Philadelphia” and also worn on stage by Guido of the musical trio the Luminaries.

      Brett's upcoming work in animation and feature film will explore movement and spatial manipulation, of the organic themes he has already set forth on canvas.


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